Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So you married a Marine...

First of all, I want to say, welcome to the silent ranks.

Second, you need to brace yourself for one hell of a ride.

So many people come in and have this total misconception that this is going to be a "normal" marriage. First of all "normal" marriages are in no way "easy" a marriage is a lot of hard work no matter what. But something a lot of women don't understand is being a Marine (or service member in general) isn't just a job... It's a life style.

As the saying goes, If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one.

The Marine Corps as a whole doesn't make a marriage any easer on you. Not to be a depressor, but stistics show that 66 and 75 percent of military marriages end in divorce. Mainly because the majority of the wives just arent cut out or prepaired for the lengthy separations, frequent moves, and all the other frustrations that the Marine Corps has to dish out.

I hear women complain over and over "I didn't sign up for this" or "I wasn't the one who signed the contract, my husband was". Well yes, that may be true, but either Marrying a Marine, or having your husband enlist in the Marine Corps after you were married... You should have fully known what you were getting yourself into.

To spite whatever you may believe, you will be married to military life as much as you are married to your husband. Very little of it will be easy, it takes dedication and strength to deal with everything.

There's a saying that goes: "Live every day as if he deploys tomorrow". I think that's my motto through his time in service. WE've already been through a couple deployments and countless temporary duty assignments that call DH away for days or weeks... With another deployment just looming around the corner, you need to make the best of the little time you have together.

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