Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

No it's not MY real birthday... That's in January...

But it's my blog's birthday! She was created August 23, 2007 while my husband was on his second deployment.

Today she turns 3 years old! I honestly didn't think she would last this long. I know I've sometimes gone 2 or 3 months without writing but I really want to say think you to all my loyal readers. I am still just blown away by the ammount of "fan mail" I get and by the ammount of "followers" I have. Thank you all for sticking by me for 3 years!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The irritations of the other woman

I am just sooooo over drama... I had a feeling something was up when my ex came down on me the other day... Bashin me for even talking to an ex boyfriend of mine, who's family I had stayed in very close contact with after the break up... Well I always think my ex was jealous that we came from the same social class, area, and I got along a lot better with his family then my ex husband's. Either way, he calls me a whore, tells me I'm "slummin it" I mean, totally uncalled for things... I make some comment to him about me not buttin my nose in his business, and me not commenting on all his little "Facebook Girls" and the face that he's a "facebook whore" and gettin all these girls numbers... Not 15 minutes later does his ex girlfriend post "facebook whore" and then her phone number... Uhh, ok, obvious much?

Anywayz, so he comes down on my Thursday I believe... So what happiness Friday? He's driving up to his home town (a 10-11hr drive) to take his ex-girlfriend out for an expensive dinner and to go see the Phantom Of The Opera... I swear, my ex has become one hell of a big spender since he dumped me.

What just pisses me off is that he freakin owes me $150... Is supposedly so broke he cant pay me... Cant afford to help me pay for our child's school (cuz they're so expensive out here)... I mean I am flat ass BROKE! And here he is living the single life...

Like that doesn't piss me off enough, this girl is tagging his ass in Facebook pics... I get it... You got him... Trust me, you can have him... You don't need to piss on his leg to mark your territory... But maybe you should at least wait till the lazy ass gets up off his ass to file the separation paperwork... Cuz right now, you're still dating a married man.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Words to live by

Don't let someone become your everything, because when they're gone you have nothing.
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Labeling yourselves

Looking back on the past few years and all I've got to cram into the next few days before I move... I was just thinkin atleast I didn't slap any "Marine Wife" bumper stickers all over the back on my car... That would have really sucked to be stick with that... Or even worse the wives who go out and get "Marine Wives" tattoos! Does that mean you have to go out and find another Marine to marry?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey, hey!

So my poor little dirt cheap, 2 year old Acer laptop totally bit the dust about a month ago... Seriously, never buy an Acer! It slowly started dying when it was only 8 months old... The plastic on the monitor part, right around the henges started cracking... I tried taping then, I tried bracing them with popsicle sticks... Seriously ghetto I know... But I tried everything and had no luck... The monitor finally cracked about 6 months ago... But it still worked, I just had to prop it up against my legs... Which was irrating, but alright I guess. But slowly I noticed that the exposed wires leading to the monitor were getting rubbed... And eventually severed... So no monitor use = not bein able to blog... Lame I know. I'm hopin to get a laptop for Christmas... Hint, hint Mom!

But luckly I did get a new phone... I got a My Touch Slide... Which is beyong awesome... And I found this nifty little Blogger app which allowes me to post this (-: So maybe I can actually get back to blogging now.

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karma. it's just the coolest thing. i've always believe in "do unto others as you would want them to do unto you". it's the rule that i try to live my life by 100%. it makes my heart happy when i do something for someone that i know i would want someone to do for me. as my battle buddy said "i'm depositing in the karma piggy bank." i don't do it for my own gain one day, i do things because it makes that person happy. their happiness makes me happy.