Monday, December 17, 2007

Tying loose ends...

So I think I've finally for all my Christmas presents taken care of. I had thought I finished Xmas shopping on the 1st, but noticed a week or so ago that some of my things hadn't arrived and we hadn't been billed for them. When I called to check, I found out that a Bowflex I had ordered from the base exchange for Mike was out of stalk and I have no idea when they're gunna ship that out. I bought him a 4'x6' Cleveland Brown's rug for the garage that for WHATEVER reason they just never shipped out. I ordered it on the 1st and was told it would be shipped within 2-3 days and when I called on the 14th to complain I was told that the 3rd party company was planing on sending it out on the 16th... Well that does us NO good since we left town on the 15th and won't be back till the 3rd. So I called and told them they needed to hold the shipment till the 30th or so because we don't live in the best area and that will get stolen... Heh, well I was told "Oh ok, that't won't be a problem" ...Well surprise surprise, guess what's being delivered today! I just hope that company plans on replacing the item when it gets stole after sitting there for two and a half weeks.

THEN I had ordered a bunch of perfume and cologne for my family and had planned on having it shipped strait to my parents house in Cali. Well I called a week and a half ago to complain that it hadn't been shipped yet and was told by Perfume Worldwide that you can not order something and have it shipped to a different address than your billing address. Well I thought that was just plane weird. So I tried explaining that we are going to my parents for Xmas and their gifts for them and I need them shipped there. The lady kept telling me that there was noting she could do for me and finally ended up canceling my order and just hanging up on me. So I went and changed my address on my credit card to my parents address and re-placed my order. I guess they emailed me on Friday saying I put the wrong info again, UGH!!! I emailed and called them over and over and didn't get a hold of anyone till today. FINALLY when I got a hold of someone, she told me that supposedly my credit card STILL had my Yuma address on it BUT that was not a problem, she pushed the paperwork through and I should be receiving all my gifts next Monday (Now why couldn't the lady I talked to last week have done that?)... Sooo I FINALLY think all the loose ends have been tied... Everything that needs to get to my parents house SHOULD get to my parents house on time ((Knock on wood!))

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