Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Party at the Zoo!

Well my daughter had her 3rd birthday party at the Norfolk VA Zoo on Sunday. She seems to have had quite a bit of fun, she can't stop talking about it! We had a little "Barnyard Bagaloo" party with about 20 people... The kids got to learn about some animals and pet a rabbit, turtle, rat and chicken. Then they got to go on a little tour of the farm area of the zoo. Then we all came back to the party room and colored some barnyard placemats while we waited for the super yummy pizza. After the pizza and lemonade, Makayla opened her birthday presents and then got her cake! And after all that, the majority of the people stayed after the party and we got to explore the rest of the zoo until we got rained out at 2! HaHa.
Seriously, any reader concidering having your party at the zoo, DO IT! It's totally worth the price, with the pizza, drinks, goodie bags, admission to the zoo all included int he price, it's so worth it. Plus they have HUGE, decorated party rooms and a great staff.

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