Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey, hey!

So my poor little dirt cheap, 2 year old Acer laptop totally bit the dust about a month ago... Seriously, never buy an Acer! It slowly started dying when it was only 8 months old... The plastic on the monitor part, right around the henges started cracking... I tried taping then, I tried bracing them with popsicle sticks... Seriously ghetto I know... But I tried everything and had no luck... The monitor finally cracked about 6 months ago... But it still worked, I just had to prop it up against my legs... Which was irrating, but alright I guess. But slowly I noticed that the exposed wires leading to the monitor were getting rubbed... And eventually severed... So no monitor use = not bein able to blog... Lame I know. I'm hopin to get a laptop for Christmas... Hint, hint Mom!

But luckly I did get a new phone... I got a My Touch Slide... Which is beyong awesome... And I found this nifty little Blogger app which allowes me to post this (-: So maybe I can actually get back to blogging now.

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