Thursday, February 9, 2012

That awkward moment when...

You find out from FACEBOOK that your [not even] ex-husband knocked up his new girlfriend...


  1. Seriously???? Ouch. Sorry hun..... :( I actually remarried my son's dad years back only to have him run off and sleep with his ex girlfriend 6 days later while moving most of our stuff across country!!!

  2. Yeah, I should have known the first month of our marriage too, only 2 weeks after we got married, my ex was still "talking" the ex-girlfriend he had before me, telling her how he loved her and they were going to spend their lives together, blah, blah, blah... I later confronted her about what they had been talking about (poor thing) had no idea we had gotten married, she thought he legitimately loved her and was wanting to be with her.

  3. Oh wow!!! Amazing how disrespectful and immature guys can be. I hated this saying back then but it is true "This too shall pass". He'll get his 10 fold. I know it took several years, but in the end my ex got what he deserved and even more so than I'd wish on anyone. I was a single mom for many years, then met my now hubby online when he contacted me and I had given up even looking. It'll come. But in between now and then it is focusing on the little one and yourself. If you need help or advice let me know. My ex was active duty at the time of it all too.