Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PCSing - FYI (what to take with you)

What to take with you:

1. Important papers. His official orders, birth certificates, marriage license, social security cards, etc. should all go with you in your vehicle. Do not pack these items or let the movers pack them. In all likelihood, you’ll need them before you find the box they are in. These papers should be with you at all times during your move.

2. Pictures. If you have pictures that cannot be replaced, take them with you. The last thing you need in the stress of moving is to find out your wedding pictures have been ruined.

3. Your medications. Sometimes the movers are delayed for a variety of reasons. Take all of your medications with you and be sure you have more of a supply than you think you will ever need. Better safe than sorry!

4. At least one phone. It could be days before your things arrive and you need to have communication!

5. Take toiletry items including toilet paper with you. It’s also not a bad idea to at least take the shower liner with you (with hooks) and a few towels. Make sure you also have pillows and blankets in case you have to camp out on the floor for a few days.

6. Be sure you have everything for your pets. You will need their food, bowls, litter and any medications. Also try to bring a favorite toy so they have something familiar.

7. Be sure to leave out paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, etc. so you can still eat while they are packing your things. This will also make it easier and much cheaper when you get to your new place until you find all of your dishes. Try to pack a cooler with sandwich meat, condiments and drinks. Have snacks and bread ready so you don’t spend a lot of money eating out.

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