Monday, October 1, 2007

Mike got promoted!

Well Mike picked up Sgt today, which is super exciting considering he's only been a Cpl for 10 months and just jumped over a bunch of guys who picked up before him... He barely scraped by, by the skin of his teeth... His cutting score was a 1733 (the score you're job says you need to pick up rank) and his composite score was 1733 (the point he actually has) so he was the last in his MOS (job) to pick up...

The picture to the left is his capt pinning his Good Conduct medal on him. He actually received the medel in Iraq, but for whatever reason they waited till not to pin him. For those who don't know the criteria of the medal, the Good Conduct Medal is awarded to any enlisted member of the United States military (except U.S. Air Force personnel after 2006) who completes three consecutive years of "honorable and faithful service". Such service implies that a standard enlistment was completed without any non-judicial punishments, disciplinary infractions, or court martial offenses. Oh and also, about a week ago we found out that he rates for a couple more ribbons then he's been wearing... so now he's up to two full bars... Not too bad for only 3 years of service.

Oh yeah, and yesterday he found out that his Ssgt from his old unit here (MALS-13) will be PCSing to Norfolk June-ish and will be his new Gunny... Which is really cool... Mike already knows his Msgt over there, I guess he was Mike's Gunny from MOS school... So that's kinda cool considering the shop he's goin to only has like 5 Marine's or sumthin so there's only like 2 he doesn't know.

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