Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flock of Birds

I am soooo sick of all this John and Kate hoopla... I was never a fan of the show, Kate's cold, overbearing ways were always just such a turn off to me. But especially after all these allegations are coming out, and she's standing there acting like the victom who was cheated on... I'm not buying it. I believe the family's claims that she kicked John out and they have been seperated for a while... What elsse do you expect him to do... The wife leaves him, so obvisouly he's going to be seen out with a girlfriend.

Anywayz, the more and more I see of this whole fiasico, the more and more it just gets under my skin. Everything about Kate bother's me any more... Especially her hair. I men seriously, if anyone else dared to chop the back of the crown like they got caught in a low hanging ceiling fan, but left the front in an asymmetrical bob, they would be laughed at and mocked shamelessly. Oh but when this mom of 8 does it, oh it's the latest trend. OMG, I am soooo tired of seeing moms walk around with this hair don't.