Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Fun: Donut party game!

It's the classic donuts party game! Throwing a party and not sure what to do? Have a room full of active kids and about to lose your marbles? Is it super hot out and you have some stale donuts on hand? Why not tie them up? I remember my mom doing this game for all of my sister and I's birthday parties growing up.

What you need:
* donuts

* string

* scissors to cut string
* a place to hang your donuts, a tree would be nifty

* blindfold (for older kids)
* a are a must!
Tie a length of string around each donuts. The length depends on the height of your kids and the height of the hanging location. Assemble all your donuts into a bowl for easier transport. Hang them up and let your kids at 'em! You can trun this into a piƱata game by suing a blindfold and spinning your wee ones around or you can hold a contest to see who can finish one first, no hands allowed!