Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 years ago today...

My husband and I got married!

Yeah, dressed like that... January 7th, 2005 in a little courthouse in Arizona... We had been talking about marrage for 6 months... My husband happined to get off work at lunch (it was on a Friday) and he said "hey, lets go get married today". So we rushed down to the court house for got our marrage lisence. While waiting the three hours till our apt to get married, we realized we never got rings... Even though we had been talking about getting married for 6 months, although my husband will tell you he never thought I was serious about getting married, we never gave the rings a second throught... So in the 3 hour wait we had between getting the lisence and being able to get married... We ran to Walmart (the only place we knew in town who sold rings) intending on getting some fake $10 thing... We were supprised to find out they actually sold wedding sets... Nothing great, but atleast they were labled as "wedding sets". So we quickly picked out a $299 engadgement/wedding set... Which was VERY simbolic of our marrage... Cheap, and a last minute thought. HaHa.

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