Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mac Snack Wrap

This makes me kinda queezy to look at... Blah! McDonald’s (or at least our local McDolands) has started marketing a new snack-wrap called the "Mac Snack Wrap". Ingredients include everything inside of a Big Mac but in smaller quantities: 1/2 of an "all-beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions". But instead of the sesame-seed bun, the Mac Snack Wrap is neatly tucked into a warm flour tortillia. In the US it sells for $1.49.

I don't know who McDonald's is trying to fool with this one... With the Mac Snack Wrap containing a whopping 330 calories vs the 540 of the BigMac, chances are, between the low price, and the fact it only contains half a meat patty, folks will feel more inclined to eat two... Consuming 660 calories, rather then the 540 of just eating a Big Mac... I don't know if McDonalds is REALLY trying to pass this off as a healthier alternitive to the BigMac...

But just a word of advice, if you're going to McDonalds craving a "snack wrap" their Grilled Honey Mustard Snack Wraps, Ranch Snack Wraps, and Chipotle BBQ Snack Wraps only contain 260 and 270 calories... Which IS a little more calories then you want to consume for a "snack" but choosing the chicken option would atleast save you almost 100 calories a wrap!

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