Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is so yummy and until recently, it's been kind of pricey. I was thrilled to see Food Lion carrying Chobani. Fage is better, but Chobani greek yogurt is better than no greek yogurt, lol! I spoke with the Dairy Manager and asked if he could order the big tubs because its a little less expensive that way. Well, imagine my pure joy when I walked in last weekend to see that apparently Dannon now makes a Greek yogurt and its CHEAP! The big tub was less than TWO BUCKS! :-)

Oddly enough, I can't seem to find Greek Yogurt on Dannon's website on their list of products or even on their 'What's New' section, nor was I able to find anything in the first few pages of a google search for Dannon Greek Yogurt. I'm not a weirdo....I was trying to find the nutritional content before I blogged this, so I could pass the information along to you. Because I buy it in big tubs then pack individual servings in little tupperwares with fresh fruit, I don't have the label handy.

What's so great about greek yogurt? Well, its a very high protein alternative to regular yogurt. In fact, it's got twice the protein content of regular yogurt. This is because greek yogurt is essentially just strained yogurt, which removes more water and leaves more yogurt. The end result is a thick, creamy, delicious protein-rich treat. Now that I can find it in big, inexpensive tubs, I'm going to expirement with making some frozen yogurt out of it. With the lower water content of the greek style yogurt, there will be less crystalization after it freezes, which should yield a nice, thick, creamy and rich fro-yo.

Do you enjoy greek yogurt? If so, how do you consume it? Do you buy it pre-flavored, or plain? I used to buy the pre-flavored stuff but have discovered that I really enjoy buying the plain, mixing in a packet of splenda, a dash of vanilla, and topping it with fresh berries. Mmmm!

My next adventure in yogurt exploration is making my own. I found directions on how to make your own yogurt and I'd really like to try.

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