Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inappropriate Flattery

So I took my little one to the Bass Pro Shop to see the Easter Bunny today and they had some Easter crafts going on and she wanted to do that. So we go... We see the Easter Bunny... We go to the craft table and I'm bending down helping her glue stuff and after 10 or so minutes, my husband walks up behind me and informs me that the father standing on the other side of the table has been going out of his way trying to look down my shirt. Ok, well sucks for him, cuz even though I was wearing a loose fitting "hippy top", as my husband calls it, I had a tank top on underneath that covered the little chest I have... But is it sad that this form of inappropriate behavior actually flattered me? HaHa. I might not actually feel the same way had I not been wearing a tank-top under my shirt... I guess it just makes me feel better knowing someone actually wants to see my goods. HaHa.

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