Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I totally went M.I.A.

Holy cow I got busy out of no where! I don't think I've mentioned it on here, but I'm in school... And I was taking a math class... Which is BY FAR my worse subject... I mean I do NOT understand numbers at ALL. Anywayz, we had one of those "work at your own pace" professors so gave us all the assignments up front and told us to just do it all at our own pace and that everything was due by January 30th (the last day of the class)... Sooo, my genius, procrastinating self waited until mid January to even look at any of the assignments... Boy was that a mistake. Cramming a semester long class into just 2 weeks just about KILLED me. So I had to go MIA for a while... I mean I literally got up at 6am, got ready, got my daughter ready for school, dropped her off around 7:30, got on the computer and did math until 5pm when I had to leave to pick her up from school. I came home, fixed dinner, ate, gave her a bath, put her to bed and got back on the computer to do MORE math, and wound up passing out around midnight... For two weeks. Oiy! But hey it's over! And I wound up walking away from the class with a C+ ...Which is the worst grade I've ever gotten (no joke) but it's passing, and it's over, which is all I really should care about.

On another note, I finally got around to checking my email on here (WifeMomBlogger@gmail.com if you're interested in emailing me) which I haven't checked in a month... Lots and lots of emails I'm going through, but I've come to one conclusion... I need to revamp the page a bit... Not so much the page header, I just changed that about 6 months ago and quite like my new one... But I think I might move some of my side bar stuff around... Make some additional pages... Not that, that probably means much to the majority of you... But it all makes since up here ::points to head::

ANYWAYZ... Point is... You'll see some changes to the site in the next few weeks... Things might look a little "messed up" and I work on HTML and coding and whatnot... Just wanted to give ya an explanation...

On a side note...

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