Monday, February 28, 2011

{Tutorial Tuesday} Dress up a filing cabinet!

Check out this super cute idea to dress up a plane 'ol filing cabinet by Wastenot Workshop! (The white cabinet on the right) ...I just loved this idea because I've got an ugly 'ol back filing cabinet that just sticks out in whatever room I put it in.

First, I took off all the hardware. (I'd give more details instructions but it will differ depending on how your filing cabinet is built) Then I measured the drawers and cut pieces of wallpaper about an inch larger than the drawer itself. I put Modge Podge right on the drawer with a foam brush and stuck the paper on using a credit card to smooth it and get rid of any bubbles. Once it dried, I used an exacto knife to cut off the excess. I just held the knife right up against the side of the drawer and slid it right down (or across for the top and bottom) and the edge was almost perfect. I thought this was easier than trying to cut a piece to the perfect size and center it perfectly.

There's only one spot on the bottom right of the bottom drawer where it tugged a little resulting in an uneven edge, but this pattern is pretty forgiving so I'm okay with it! If your drawers can actually come out (mine don't), I would recommend laying them face down once they're dry and cutting the excess from behind. It's safer and will probably come out cleaner!

Then I just added another coat of Modge Podge and let it dry before adding on the new hardware. The absolutely gorgeous wallpaper was a FREE SAMPLE! I knew you could get free 4x6 wallpaper samples from big box stores, but I never knew higher end wallpaper distributors would send you LARGE samples for free or just the cost of shipping. It's a pretty awesome resource to know about!

Now if you'll scroll back up and look at Wastenot's cabnit, you'll see she put feet on hers, although it is super cute, the feet just didn't work for me, but I do encourage you to go check out her blog and go through her tutorials, she gives a pretty good explanation of how to add the feet.

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