Sunday, April 17, 2011

Base housing LEVELED after tornado!

This is just devastating, I hope our readers are ok! Tarawa Terrace II, base housing ON  Camp Lejeune got hit by a tornado last night and had 12 homes leveled, 60+ obtain structural damage and possibly be unlivable, and 50+ more with minor damage (broken windows/roof damage)! Many homes are STILL without power almost 24 hours later... On top of alllll that, they still have an "unknown number" of base residents who sustained injuries, all they know now is there's a 23 month old baby boy who is STILL in critical condition. To just to add salt to the wound (which doesn't really seem like a big deal considering the injuries and damage to peoples houses) but what about automobile damages? I mean that could break some military family's who could bairly afford a car in the first place, ya know... 
Lejeune neighborhood recovering after tornado
By Gina Cavallaro - Staff writer, Marine Corps Times, Sunday Apr 17, 2011
A toddler remains in critical condition and several residents of a Camp Lejeune, N.C., neighborhood were injured Saturday when a highly destructive tornado cut through the area around 9 p.m. and damaged more than 100 homes.

Residents of Tarawa Terrace II were still recovering Sunday from the shock and devastation, and base leadership planned to hold a town hall meeting Sunday afternoon.

Of the homes damaged, 12 have been deemed uninhabitable, as many as 60 sustained structural damage severe enough that may make them uninhabitable and about 50 more had minor damages, such as broken windows, torn gutters and roof damage, Camp Lejeune spokesman Nat Fahy said.

The toddler, a 23-month-old boy, suffered multiple trauma injuries, Fahy said, including a fractured pelvis, fractured femur, cracked ribs and a collapsed lung. He is at Pitt Memorial Hospital with his mother, Fahy said.

The second floor of the house where the boy was sleeping, he said, “was taken off from the bottom floor and flipped upside down.”

The violent twister was part of a major storm front that slammed many areas of North Carolina on Saturday.

“This is going to sound clichĂ©, but it does resemble a war zone in some areas while other areas remain untouched. It cut a surgical path of destruction, which impacted the primary school before leaving the base,” Fahy said of Tarawa Terrace Primary School where the metal roof was peeled back and classrooms damaged by water.

Temporary shelter was opened at Tarawa Terrace Elementary School for displaced residents who needed immediate help, and the 250 students in pre-kindergarten through first grade who attend the primary school will finish out the year at the elementary school, he said.

There is “a heavy military police presence on scene” and at 5 p.m. the town hall meeting will be headed by Marine Corps Installations East commander Maj. Gen. Carl Jensen and base commander Col. Dan Lecce. The two officers spent the day in the damaged area inspecting homes and talking with residents.


  1. It sure is a mess here... that's for sure! The estimated around $9 million in damages to homes and businesses here. I'm not sure if that includes on base or not.

  2. If you have facebook please check out Greenville Gives Back Disaster Relief Rally. We are also in the daily reflector under community events we will be raising money for the eastern NC disaster relief.