Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crazy school policies.

Substitute Kindergarten Teacher: "We have a new pick up policy, parents can no longer enter the class room, we find it too  distracting, we need you to just knock on the door and wait for the teacher to answer it, and please do not speak to the teacher, save all questions for parent-teacher day, if the classroom door is open, please stand in the doorway and wave your arms"  Wow, way to maintain a completely impersonal relationship with the parents.

Well this is clearly not working out for me, because even after picking lil'bit up, we had to make 4 trips back into class because the sub 1, wouldn't let me in, and 2, didn't send her out with all her stuff... Trip 1 to get her homework, a 2nd time to get her back pack, a 3rd time to get her lunch box which is for some reason never in her back pack, and a 4th time to locate her water bottle which manages to to MIA almost every day... Even after all that, we got to the car and I realized she didn't have her sweater... At that point I just left it, figured I'd get it the next day... But really, I'm pretty sure just letting me walk into the class and get all her stuff would be far less distracting than going back in 4+ more times.

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  1. That's ridiculous. They are in kindergarten, not Harvard. I used to love that I would be able to run to my mom when she came to pick me up and it was exciting. What exactly do you interrupt? Their coloring hour? Whoops. We can't have that :)