Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marine Corps Ball Protocol

With Marine Corps Ball season coming upon us I found a need to make a post about it... I've been getting A LOT of comments and questions about attending Marine Corps balls lately... First and foremost I should point out that every ball is different. Not only will the way the Navy handle their balls differ from how the Marine Corps does theirs... But even balls differ from Marine unit to Marine unit. None the less I still compiled what tend to be general guide lines across the board...

  • Most important point is don't dress like a skank. (See Post: What NOT to wear to military balls)
  • Most places, full length gowns are the norm. 
  • Never go above the knee.  
  • Don't wear a corsage or glitter (This is not your high school prom)
  •  Don't get hammered.  
  • Pay attention to what is going on around you. 
    • Stand whenever the wives at the head table stand during the ceremony. 
  • Keep your mouth shut and LISTEN during the ceremony. 
    • Whispering is rude!
What to expect:

Background research:

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