Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dinner Deals

If you ever need to order pizza I definitely recommend Domino’s. They have a awesome order interface that keeps you posted throughout the order process, from the order being placed, prepping, baking, boxing, and delivery. They also guarantee 30 minutes, now granted our Domino's is at the end of our street, but it NEVER takes them more then 15 minutes to get the order to my door. But aside from all that, they have the best coupons I’ve seen AND they allow you to combined coupons! Tonight we wound up getting a medium pizza, an oven baked sandwich, 2 20oz soda's, an order of Cinnastix, and a "Chocolate Crunch Cake" for only $8.99! That was MORE then enough to feed our family of three... And for only $8.99? Well actually it came to $10 something with tax and delivery fee... But that's a total steal! Want the same savings? Check out the coupon codes we used!

Free order of Cinna Stix with purchase online

2 Free 20-oz drinks w/ online order

Code: "BAN2FRDR"

Get a free order of Domino's Chocolate Crunch Cakes

Code: "MVPFLC"

Any New Oven Baked Sandwich and a 10-inch 1 Topping Pizza 8.99

Code: "SAND84"

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