Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's School Speech Explained

Here's an exert from Rush Limbaugh's radio show... I thought he said this all, so much better then I could. I had to share.

I had an opportunity here to listen to a little of Obama's cheerleader speech to America's young skulls full of mush; and I am here to tell you that he didn't believe a word of what he said, at least what I heard him say. This was an inspiring, motivational speech. "You gotta rely on yourself! Don't let your failures define you. Nobody is born great." That's not true, by the way. There are people who are born good at what they do. I am doing what I was born to do, and I knew at eight I wanted to do it. Champions sometimes are born. You might want to be the greatest baseball player in the world and you might want to be the greatest golfer but you just don't have what it takes to be great. No matter what how hard you work, no matter how hard you work at it.

You have to find what you really love and what you're really good at then work hard at that. But that's splitting peas. He just gave a speech that he doesn't believe a word of. If he believed anything he said today then he would not be trying to accomplish one item in his agenda. His agenda is based on the fact that you can't take care of yourself. His agenda is based on the fact that you are incompetent to make the right decisions. His agenda is that you need guidance and you need leadership and you need somebody making decisions for you and you need a big government nanny because you're incompetent and incapable. He goes out and tells these students, "It's all up to you. The country needs you. I want you to work hard." He used the word "I." It's the middle of the day so I couldn't do a drinking game, but if this speech were given at night and I took a drink for every time he said the word "I" I would be inebriated.

"I this. I that. I'm doing my best to get you textbooks. I'm doing my best to get you a good environment. You gotta do the work." He doesn't believe a word of this. So why do this? Why do this speech to the nation's skulls full of mush? There are three reasons. One: He's got to get those poll numbers up. Let's go to the poll, the Pew poll that shows him losing vast amounts of support from white voters, particularly independents -- the precious independents! The second reason, it's actually tied. The last two of the three are tied together. It's to set up health care tomorrow night. Set up the health care speech. So here's a guy goes out... Remember, now, the Alinsky rule: "You speak within the realm of your audience's experience." The American people want to hear children motivated to be good, to do the best they can, to work hard.

Okay, so go out and use the language and use the philosophy that makes your audience comfortable with you when your objective is the exact opposite of what you say. Barack Obama wants as many of these kids in school to grow up needing government services as he can. He's going to put tax increases on these kids to the point that their hard work is going to be pointless! It's just absurd. But he goes out and he makes this speech which was unlike any speech I've ever heard him give. Again, I only heard probably a grand total of three minutes of it, but it's in direct contradiction to everything he believes. It's in direct contradiction to everything in his agenda. So he sets up things. He's got this big health care speech before a joint session of Congress tomorrow night -- which is a sure sign of panic, by the way.

He's got this joint speech, and it's going to come after this wonderful, inspiring, motivational speech to America's young skulls full of mush. So the State-Controlled Media after this speech tomorrow night, "How can anybody disagree with this president? How can anybody say that this man does not want the best for his country?" after this speech to the young skulls full of mush. The young skulls full of mush... Obama did do one right thing. He kept it short here. His speech was shorter than my opening monologue. Well, no. I actually took a break before he did. But most of these kids probably just want to get to lunch and so forth. But, remember, what he was originally going to do was tell them, "Write letters about what you can do to help me." That was his original intent. Somebody had to dial him back in, somebody reined him in. Somebody had to protect him from his own instincts.

So they got the teleprompter up there. The teleprompter put the right words. I'm telling you, he didn't believe a word of it. He wouldn't have guys like Van Jones in his administration if he believed this stuff. He wouldn't be talking about "green jobs" and all this garbage not gonna matter a hill of beans. He would not be talking about nationalizing health care and trying to nationalize as much of the US economy as he can. He wouldn't have taken over General Motors. He wouldn't be shutting down almost 90% of the Cadillac dealerships in the country. He wouldn't be doing any of this stuff. If he would leave us alone... You wait 'til you hear highlights of this speech. We'll play some for you here before the program closes today, and you tell me when you hear it why he doesn't just get out of the way and tell us this? Why doesn't he give a speech to the American people? "We expect great things from you. Your country depends on you." He doesn't say that, does he? He says the country depends on him; the country depends on government. The country depends on "working together with our enemies." He apologizes for the United States. I'm telling you, this is a feint, a fake, and it's on to set up health care tomorrow night and get the poll numbers up because he does not believe a thing that he said to America's skulls full of mush mere moments ago.