Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Online Tools to Help You Save Money

There are so many tools today in the web 2.0 era to help geeky moms save money. Many of us though are too busy to sit down and find all the sites and apps and take advantage of them. So we've done the hard work for you and listed the best ones here.

Tools That Help You Get Organized

Being a mom you probably know organization accounts for 50% of household management and budgeting. The most common tool is a pen and a notebook, but you will be excited to know the Internet offers more fun when it comes to organizing yourself.

Online shopping lists can be a great way to organize your past and future purchases, whereas online to-do lists will help you manage your household duties. By using web-based tools to get organized you can:

  • Access your lists from anywhere on the planet (no more risks of leaving your notebook at home)
  • Enjoy all the benefits of semi-automated tools (e.g. receive your daily alerts to your email or phone!)

Tools That Help You Save

Online coupon tools and directories offer plenty of opportunities to spot a great deal and save. The only disadvantage to these is there are too many to sort through. It is too easy to get lost. Finding just a few you love and learning to use them well is the secret. Here's how to choose:

  • A coupon site should be clean and spam-free.
  • No obscenity or trolling please.
  • The community should be active.
  • The site should be updated daily to always have something new for your weekly shopping.

One of the sites I love is Buxr which meets my criteria above. Besides, it offers affiliate widgets and daily contests to help you earn a bit of money (if you are geeky enough).

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