Wednesday, May 19, 2010

50 things I miss about Southern California

So I've been thinking... Above all the places I've lived in... I think I defiantly miss California the most... Which isn't unusual seeing how I lived there the longest, 17 years. So I sat down and tried to compile a list the of ten things I miss most about California... But I just couldn't do it. Ten was too little... So I compiled a list of the 50 things I miss about Southern California. ::HaHa:: Enjoy.

50- Fume guards on gasoline nozzles
49- Rice Rockets
48- Being within driving distance of Mexico
47- The guys selling oranges in the middle of the road.
46- Wienershnitzel
45- KTLA 5
44- Vietnamese markets
43- Low riders
42- Knowing people who are in a band
41- Being able to check my mail without having to drive to the mailbox
30- Sugar Shack's Breakfast Burritos
29- The Museums
28- Bagelmania's "Raspberry Mocha Kiss"
27- "SoCal Punk Rock"
26- Toilet seat covers in public restrooms
25- BJ's pazooki's
24- The leaves NOT falling from the trees in September
23- Jack in the Box's Tacos
22- Being able to bike freely and worry about impending death
21- Six-lane interstates full of people who know how to drive faster than 70 miles per hour
20- Homosexuals
19- Ghetto beach housing
18- Cheap Coronas
17- The cute signs with Mexican's running across the street on the 5 in San Diego.
16- Trader Joe's
15- The Shopping (Glendale Galleria, Burbank Town Center, Fashion Valley, The Beverly Center, Universal Citywalk, South Bay Galleria, The Grove, Long Beach Towne Center, South Coast Plaza, Irvine Marketplace, Fashion Island)
14- In 'N Out
13- The Orange County Fair
12- Mother's Market Potato Tacos
11- Wearing flip flops in the winter and not having people look at me like I'm insaine.
10- Not needing central air, just open windows and ocean breezes
9- Carls Jr being called "Carls Jr"... "Hardees" is just plane wrong
8- Televised Police Chases
7- Rubio's fish taco's
6- Dim Sum
5- Del Taco
4- SoCal Slang... IE: Surf Slang (gnarly, rad, sick, epic, buzzkill) & Valspeak (where "like", "and", "so", "whatever", and "totally" are spoken far too often)
3- "Taco Tuesdays"
2- The Weather, mild winters, not too humid summers.
1- Amusement Parks
...Knotts, Sea World, Disneyland, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Birch Aquarium, Wild Rivers, Six Flags, Universal Studios, Aquarium of the Pacific, Raging Waters, LA Zoo, Santa Ana Zoo, etc.

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