Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Get cozy with Cozi!

Could your family use a little organization and an easy way to keep in touch and up to date with each other? Well I stumbled across this website called Cozi... It’s a great free site that helps your family get organized by providing a family calendar, customizable lists, reminders + messages, mobile phone access, a family journal, photo collage screen saver, and even sync with Outlook. That’s a lot of things they have to offer. They have a great short video that really explains everything you can do and how simple it is, worth a quick view definitely.

It takes less than 30 seconds to actually sign up for Cozi, very quick and simple and not too many questions. Once you sign up and log in you are brought to the Get Started page to help you get going. There really isn’t a lot of setup at all, just start adding things to your calendar or lists, upload pictures if you like, or send short messages. I’m really impressed with how quick and simple Cozi is. I know we have all seen a lot of services that say they are easy to use, but honestly this one really seems to be easy!

I like that they have a large digital clock on what seems like every page. At the upper left corner is always a Home link to take you back to the beginning. Along the bottom of the screen there is a navigation bar also with Home plus all the other sections. Very simple and straight forward. It doesn’t look like there are any options for changing the color scheme, but I would guess that is something they may add in the future. The current color scheme isn’t unpleasant though, yellows/oranges/golds/whites.

The ability to use Cozi on computers, phones, PDAs, and just about any other gadget with internet access makes it really appealing. Cozi Mobile is available with no additional downloads also. You can easily send messages to cell phones which is a great feature. Although I haven’t tried the Outlook sync yet, this is another great option I think. My family does use the Outlook calendar already so this is a welcome option for us.

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