Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crap my B.R.A.T. Says

So Lil'Bit heard a "snap" and looked out her window to see that the rat-trap had caught a rat… Not understanding what really happened she came in my room and said "Mommy, its cold outside, a rat froze while driving his wood boat" [I was just glad she didn’t understand what a rat-trap really was] 
THEN hours later, while trying to get Lil'Bit to clean her room, my mom says: "You better clean your room, when I went out to the car I saw an elf run behind the bushes, you know they’ve been watchin you through the window… I bet the elf was mad that you didn’t clean your room and took his anger out on the rat this morning" OMG, instant tears… I had to go check Lil'Bit's room, under the bed, behind the dresser and all, while she cried "Mommy, I don’t want an elf to make me go drive a boat in the rain, I’ll freeze like the rat!" …Poor thing, now I’m doing elf patrols outside. :-/ Yeah, thanks a lot Grandma.

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