Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bake Sales

So I get suckered into baking for a bake sale... I say suckered because I saw the sign-up sheet tacked to a bulletin board at my kids school 3 weeks ago and really just didn't feel like baking... So I get a sob story about how the schools in need last week and how no one was signing up for fundraisers... So I figured, hey, I can bake a few pies, maybe a dozen cookies... So the sign up sheet says the bake sale's Sunday, and we can go ahead and bring in the baked goods Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I figured I'd go ahead and bring the stuff in Friday afternoon since pies just get nasty if they sit too long. So I obviously did no baking over the weekend, I figured I could make my pie crusts Wednesday night and to the rest of the baking Thursday.

So this obviously irritates me... I just got an email asking if people can bring in the baked goods Monday (tomorrow) or Tuesday. Uhh... Why? No explanation or anything, I tried returning the email, but I'm sure it will be days before someone replies. But why in the world would you NEED or even want baked stuff 5 or 6 days early? I can't do cupcakes, they'll just be NASTY. If the stuff really needs to be there 6 days before the bake sale, I can't do pies... I mean who in the world would want a 6 day old pie?

So I got an email asking that people limit the amount of food they BAKE and just buy pre-packaged goods. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THAT EVEN CONSTITUTE A BAKE SALE? If you can't tell... I really really really don't like last minute change of plans. Oh and FYI, I am sooooo not going out and waisting money buying pre-packaged crap.