Monday, March 23, 2009


So I take my pug to the vet about a year ago... Pay $230 and am told that he has a yeast infection in one and a bacteral infection in the other. Then about 8 months ago, we take him BACK to the vet since his ears haven't gotten any better. I am then told that he has a bacterial infection in both ears, and fork out another $200 for a short list of tests and meds.

So we try a new vet, go to this vet 3 weeks ago who does an ear scrape, swab and what not and determines that the dog STILL has a bacterial infection.

Now the thing that irritates me, is he's really showing no signs. No scratching or whimpering like he's in pain. But none the less this vet decides that we need to pay $45 for meds... So here we sit 3 weeks later and I have to take the dig back for some follow up shots (just random vaccines) and to get micro chipped. I drop him off cuz I just can't stand how busy and how long the wait is at this place...

So I'm told someone will call me when it's time to pick him up. Four hours after I drop him off, I guess my cell phone lost service or something, because it never rang, but I happined to glance at it only to find that I had 12 missed calls and 2 messages. The first meggage was a secratary calling just telling me that they had a few questions about Mo and asked that I give them a call back. The 2nd message was from a nurse informing me that there had an emergency and I needed to call back emediantly. SERIOUSLY?!? I mean you get that message, what would you think. So I call them back, am put on hold for 10 minutes and finally a nurse comes on saying that the doctor was trying to get a hold of me. I asked what the emergency was and all she said was "i'm not at libraty to say" Ok, I started freaking out in my head, all she asked for what my phone number so the doctor could call me back. I gave it to her and asked when I should be expecting a call. She said she didn't know as the doctor was in surgury. SURGURY?!? I franticly asked "With my dog?" all she said was "No, I don't think so". Okay, so I spent the next hour freaking out wondering what happined to my dog.

So the doc calls back... I kid you not, he says "What's up Ms. _____?" I said "Uhh nothing, is everything alright". He replies with "Oh yea, everythings cool, I just had a couple things I wanted to run by you". Seriously? Seriously? First, you're a "doctor" and you talk on the phone like i'm one of your drinking buddies... Second you allow your nurses to lead me to believe that my dog is on his death bed when all you have is a couple questions?

UGH! Ok, so then I get kinda irritated because he wants to ask me about the dog's ears and why we were perscribed

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