Friday, October 19, 2007

Fixn to be homeless

So after a week of calling and leaving msgs for random people in the Norfolk housing office, Mike FINALLY got a hold of someone this morning... Unfortunately we found out we had NEVER even been paced on the housing list (Yeah, real nice, I know). Lucky Mike fixed that and our application should be backdated a week. We were told that there's a really long wait on the two bedrooms so Lincoln will most likely just give us a 3 bedroom (we already knew that but it was nice to hear confirmation). For whatever reason the lady couldn't tell us where we were on the list or when we may have a house... But at least we know we're actually on the waiting list now. Hopefully we'll be able to get a hold of someone later today or early next week who CAN tell us where we stand and when we may be offered a house. That's sumthin that might be good to know before we leave here.

Also, we had our walk-through with the moving company and that went well. We found out that the only thing we have to break down is our large swing out front... Which we had kinda figured... But were happy to hear that there wasn't anything else we'd have to disassemble. We were bummed to hear that unlike what TMO told us, we CAN NOT take our propane tank... Not even if we get it drained and certified. So that kinda sucked, but oh well. So yeah, they'll be here on Halloween to pack up everything and come back on the 1st to take it all away. Oh, I also found out all our stuff will arrive in Norfolk on November 15th... So that's not too bad considering we won't get there till the 9th or so... So even if we get a house right when we get there... That's only a week without our stuff... Which I can totally deal with.

Edit, 2pm:
Nevermind, now we're NOT on the housing list... I have absolutly NO idea why we were told we were placed on it... Cuz Mike called back down there around 10ish to see if we could find someone who could tell us where on the list we were and ofcourse, the lady we origionally talked to wasn't there, we left a msg but she's yet to call back... Mike's been calling about every hour trying to find SOMEONE in the office who could just look up on their comuter system to see where we are... Finally he got a hold of a girl who could access the list... And supprise supprise, we're not on it... So Mike kept tryin to call the lady who SHOULD HAVE placed us on the list, but she never did answer her phone or call us back and now they're closed... NICE So now we get to wait till Monday and start this all over again. I'm just gunna be pissed if they don't back date our application cuz this whole thing is they're fault.

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