Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She's getting so big!

Wow I can't believe Makayla is a year and a half old today! WOW!!! I used to look at 18 month old kids in disbelief, thinking they're so old and I could never picture my daughter like that... But wow, here she is.

She's gettin big too... I have no doubt she'll be my hight if not taller. Right now she's 33.5" tall/long (within the 95% for her age) she's a whole half an inch taller then I was at her age HaHa. I weighed her on our scale at home, not sure exactly how accurate that was, but it said she's 26 and a half pounds... WOW I can't believe she weighs that much. Geez, it seems like just yesterday I was worried about her being too skinny, she was born nearly 9lbs (within the 90%) but didn't gain weight as fast as she should and by 8 months old she was only within the 18% for her age... But wow, apparently she's made a full recovery HaHa and now is within the 80%.

Well Makayla's showing all the signs that she wants to be potty trained. Unfortunately, our PCS move has made it impossible, so as soon as we get to Norfolk and get settled in our new house I'm gunna start focusing on that... It's so cute, for the past month or two she's gotten real good about pointing at her diaper when she is going to or has gone to the bathroom... More recently she's been bringing us a diaper and the wipes when she wants to be changed... Or like today, we were busy packing and stuff and I look over to see her taking off her PJ pants, then taking off her diaper, and then she whiped her own butt... She's such a weirdo HaHa.

Gawd she just does the cutest stuff and amazes me every day... I know we should be teaching her slightly more useful things, but this is just so damn cute, we can't help but teach her this. She's got the hi-5 down... I know thats a think you're supposed to teach your kid at like a year or earlier... But for some reason I never thought to teach her that till Mike got home... But now she's got it down... We also taught her the Carlos Mencia "Dee Dee Dee." So we taught her to plug her nose and talk like Steve Urkle... That one's really funny when she does it... She loves to dance, especially to Disney channel theme songs.

She really hasn't been saying any new words in the past month or two, but I've read that it's normal for 16 or 17 month olds to regress a bit and then then they'll just sprout at a year and a half and learn like 15 words in a month or sumthin. Her favorite words are "Mommy" (used to say Mama but Mommy's new), "Really," and "Uh-Ohh."

Ok I should probably end this now, I need to get back to packing and organizing, we've got a big day tomorrow!

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