Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh the Joys of PCSing

Here we are exactly 3 weeks from when we're supposed to leave and I am sooooo not ready. I suppose i'll never feel totally ready to move... I've just got a million and one things to do and every time I compleat one task a new one seems to pop up instantly. Lucky we had out pre-inspection this past week and were told everything's in order. Heh, the maintenance manager was shocked by how clean our house was... I guess most people who live in housing must be nasty or trash their houses or sumthin... She said there was nothing that we needed to do, the house was actually clean enough to move out right then and there... She said the only thing she could think of, was to just have us wipe off any dog hair that we may have seen on the floorboards... That was a huge weight off my shoulders cuz I thought they were gunna be totally anal about everything... But I guess not. Oh yeah, and we found out that our carpets 6 years old and they were planning on replacing it when we moved out anyway, so we got to cancel our carpet cleaning apt... So i'm glad, that's one less thing we need to do on the 1st (the same day TMO's commin to pick up our boxes).

Well anywayz, Mike's finishing checking out of his unit today, I guess he's got to go back out there (P111) Monday morning to actually detach from MACS-1... And then FINALLY we'll be able to fax over the detachment paperwork over to the Norfolk housing office and actually be placed on the waiting list and FINALLY find out exactly how long the wait is. I suppose I'll figure out what number we are Monday and then call back right before we leave and can probably figure out how fast the list is moving and get a better idea of when they'll have a house available for us.

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