Monday, October 22, 2007

A weight has been lifted!

Ok so it's only 2pm but this has already been proved to be an incredibly long day. So we woke up and started calling the Norfolk housing office at 7am... The secetary kept transfering us to people who wernt in their offices and that we had already left dozins of messages for (and they've still yet to call us back)... So I wait till after they woulda gotten back from lunch, call and explain to her what had been goin on and that I needed her to find someone who WAS in their office and could access our info on the computer. So she walked down the hall, found someone and transfered me to her... But supprise supprise, she didn't answer the phone... So I had it... I called the housing office here in Yuma, explained all that had been goin on and how we're leaving here in 10 days and I need to know where we stand house wise. So the assistant manager here called the manager down there and got a few phone numbers for us to call. Finally we got a hold of some "relocation assistant" in Norfolk who FINALLY put on the housing list... But said she was going to give us a 3 bedroom cuz of the fact there was too long of a weight on the 2 bedrooms and the fact Mike's an E-5 and we've got a kid, even though we had applied for a 2 bedroom (Yay!) So she was going through and said there was one available November 9th (the day we get there)... She said other then that there's a couple more opening up that week... So it looks like we might have a choice of houses... I'm SUPER excited now... That was an enormious weight lifted off my shoulders... Yay us!!!

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