Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I hate how un orgnized the military is!

So I spend all morning tryin to get a hold of someone at medical... FINALLY at 3pm someone answers their apt line... Geez, in Yuma they'd just ask for the last 4 of the sponsors social and then just ask who they were speaking to... Damn, not here, they want Mike's full social, who the apt's for, who I am, Our address and phone number... THEN I thought we regustered Mike's cell number with them since it was before we moved into this house... So I give them that, then she makes me repeate all the information again and give my my sell number... Nope not it either... Then she asks what number i'm callin from, I tell her my house, but I don't know the number cuz I only make outgoing calls from it... Real snotty she goes "everyone needs to know their house number"... Yeah whatever, I've moved so many damn times, and had so many damn numbers in a 3 year span, she's luckly I know my damn cell number.

So whatever, then I try to make Makayla an apt... So she asks who I need an apt for, I tell her "My 2 year old Makayla" she says Ok and then asks what for... I explain what I need a refiral for. She asks what time, I said I needed something before noon, ASAP. She asks me to hold. Then comes back and tells me "oh your not in our system" HELLO you just took all my info! She informs me like I'm an idiot, that when we move I need to change insurance regions... Gee no shit, we've been here for 7 months and you don't think I thought of that? We did it the week we got here, moron. She says I can't make an apt till I register and am in their system. I try explaining to her that I've already registered through DEERS for TriNorth. She tells me I didn't. So for a minute, I'm thinking maybe I imagined going down the the office and sitting there for 45 mins filling out a pile of paperwork with Mike and a screakin kid.

She then says "you can't make an apt till you register with Tricare" ...Ok, so I ask, "I have to be in TriNorth to make an apt with you, correct?" She says yes. I ask her if they make any exceptions, she says no. So I said, "Ok, well I can prove I've been registered with you, if you check your records you'll see my daughter had an apt there late Dec, and my husband had an apt last month. So we must have been in the system if we actually had an apt... And ofcourse she then tells me she can't access any of that info and is just stating what the computer says. UGH, I don't know how many more time's I'm gunna have to go down there to freakin register! Is it my fault they just toally LOST all our documentation? Apparently. Gawd, I just hate how unorganized the military is.

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