Saturday, May 17, 2008

Veet = No bueno for Stephanie

I've never used those Veet or Nair type products before... Well a couple days ago I figured I'd check out this Veet stuff since I keep seeing commercials for it... See if it really works... So I go a day with out shaving and test a small patch on the back of my leg... No problems... So after not shaving again yesterday, I go to take a shower this morning, but before, I smear this crap all over both my legs... I wait 4 minutes (the box recommended 4-6 mins) and I use this weird plastic scraper thing to start to remove it... WOW. Umm, so my legs started randomly bleeding... Like all over... So I jump in the shower and wash the rest of the crap off as fast as I can... And now here I sit... More hen 12 hrs later, and my legs still burn... The moral of my story... Veet sucks.

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