Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Neighborhood Watch

So this is soooooo ridiculous, this damn housing complex is being run by a bunch of idiots.

So we had a Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight cuz of all the break ins and car thefts we've had... Well come to find out, first of all, everyone that had their houses broken into, it was cuz SOMEONE had a key... THEN everyone was wondering why we have sliding glass doors with key holes on them but no locks... No one can answer that question... All the office knows is that the construction company never gave them the keys. Then people start telling different stories about how they'd come home from work and find contractors in their backyards, or they'd see contractors constantly peeking over their back fences... And even one lady who had witnessed the head contractor making lude comments at her 14 year old daughter... She said her 14 yr old and 9 yr old called her a couple weeks ago at work screaming that there was a contractor in the back yard banging on the sliding glass door demanding that the girls let him in... She called 911 who never responded. Then complained to the housing office who said that this guy had the right to be there cuz he was a contractor (even though he was doing no work on her house). Oh and as far as calling 911... Everyone's found that that's completely pointless cuz NO ONE ever responds, partially because the city thinks it's the military jurisdiction, but the military thinks it's the city's jurisdiction, but also because this is a fairly new complex and the address for some reason haven't been put in the FD and PD's GPS' yet.

UGH, so then people are complaining about teenagers who have been roaming the neighborhood and vandalizing stuff, then when you confront the parents you just get threatened and bitched out... And the kid's laguage... Which no one can seem to so anything about... Seriously folks, kids around here are SERIOUSLY some of the most fouled mouthed kids i've ever seen! Honest to God, high schools living in the damn Jungle in down town LA have so much more respect for adults then these kids do! But hey, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's the same way the parents act towards others.

Man we are so screwed here. It's like all these people are having safety problems... And problems with other people's kids... And I mean we live in damn Military housing. This crap shouldn't be happining. It just sucks cuz we're all having so many problems and it just seems like no one can help us. UGH.

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