Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm raising a lier.

So Makayla's sittin in the middle of the floor coloring... I go on the computer... A few minutes later Makayla's come up to the kitchen gate asking for another crayon... I ask her where the blue one was. She puts up her arms as to gesture she didn't know. I asked her again... She looks around and points to the dog and says "Momo eeeat" ...So stupid me starts yelling at the dog and walks over to the gate to put him outside... When I noticed a bunch of blue speckles all over Makayla's face... Uh huh, the dog ate it?

That's just like last week when my Grandma was babysitting and Makayla peed in the middle of the floor... My Grandma asked her if she did it and she quickly replied "No! Momo!" Then Makayla took it upon herself to smack the dog and drag him by his collar to the back door.

Poor Mo gets blamed for everything )-:

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