Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grr... Argh...

Three weeks ago my husband announced he wanted a divorce... THREE WEEKS! It came totally out of left field... Which is probably one of the reason's I'm having such a hard time coping. The divorce is TOTALLY one sided... As apparently our marriage was... He supposedly never loved me... He supposedly has no clue why he ever married me... He just wants to "move on" as he says... He's got someone else... And he really thought that the day he told me he was filing for divorce that I was just supposed to be ok with him dating this girl now... For the love of God, we're not even legally separated yet!

He clames that mentally he decided that we were getting a divorce long ago... I mean he even madde a point when we were packing the Christmas decorations to seperate his things... I mean he was thinking about this crap back in December... But didn't clue me in on any of this!!! He decided to wait till he found another girl... To cushin the blow... Well for him atleast... Because he can't be alone! Well that crap just made it a million times worse for me... Knowing that he's been going out since December... On the prowl for his next girlfriend/wife... DECEMBER! It's been 6 freakin months! That's what he's been going out with his friends every week end doing... Looking for someone else... So sooo skeezy!

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