Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A sigh of relief

For the first time I am actually relieved to have my husband go TAD. I don't have to sit here and listin to him talk about how I'm trying to control him by not letting him drain our bank account 6 days into the pay period by going out and spending $400 a pay check on food and drinks with his friends... I don't have to listin to him talk about how i'm trying to sabotage his relationship with his girlfriend by now wanting him to talk to her freakin right in front of me... I don't have to clean up his crap any more... No more laundry, no more dirty dishes in the sink... Seriously being seperated and living in the same house is rediclious! He thinks because he tells me he wants a divorce that he can go out and spend however much money he wants, take out girls, go where ever he wants... Yet come home and still expect me to cook him dinner, do his dishes and still do all his laundry... This whole situation is just insane... I can't wait to move.

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