Thursday, July 8, 2010

Head and heart

I really really wasn't wanting to get a lawyer... I'm just so torn on that whole subject... My head and my entire family for that matter says to go get a lawyer... My heart says no.

Regardless I got a threat today... Which just pushes me so much closer... I didn't want him to be blindsided which goes back to the whole me trying to be civil thing... So I told him I was thinking of going out and finding a lawyer to have him handle the whole finational mess that he's gotten us into.

The response back: "
I’m letting you know, lawyer =’s custody battle along with every single other thing I can get, from furniture, to pawning off as much debt on you as I can. You will not be moving back to Cali for a while, and you will be worse off then you are now by being civil. But think what u want, and do what you want, and see what happens... Oh and FYI, if we are playing hardball. You are NOT taking my daughter out of the state. PERIOD. Not to visit ur family or ANYTHING. I will report you for kidnapping."

Uhh, that's a threat right?

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