Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lowest of the low

When I thought my husband couldn't get any lower... I got into his bank account... Our previous joint account who we have two maxed out credit cards through (thanks to his spending)... Turns out he didn't spend $179 on the concert tickets like I previously thought, infact he wound up spending $332.75 on front row seats for his girlfriend at the romantic Michael Buble concert...

On top of that... He's had everyone feeling sorry for him because he was supposedly going TAD on a L-Class starting last night (he claimed he had to leave the house at 6pm to be on the ship at 6:30)... Oh no no no... Once again lies... He didn't have to be on the ship last night... Infact he didn't have to be on the ship till 9am this morning... Where was he last night? Ruby Tuesday's, taking her out to a nice farewell dinner at the cost of $61.72.

I don't know what I've done to God to deserve this! I was a good wife... I tried... But it's just one slap in the face after another... Lies, lies, all lies!

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