Monday, July 5, 2010


Ok, honestly I appreciate the sympathy I'm getting... I'm not trying to play the "whoa is me" card by any means. I've told very few people what's going on... Yeah I blog about it on here, but very few people I personally know, have this blog address, or know I even blog at all... Honestly, I can probably count the number of people who know whats going on, on both my hands... However, my husband's been making a point to tell every acquaintance he's ever met that we're getting a divorce... Fine, whatever... But what drives me absolutely insane is the sympathy people are giving HIM... Like I'm the one who cheated on HIM, or I'm the one who's leaving HIM... Like seriously, our pastor's MIL gave him like a 5 minute long hug and was going on and on about how sorry she is... Uhh HELLO?!? He's getting what he wants... He's getting rid of the burden of a family he's got and gets to go back to living the single life! I really don't think there's any sympathy required there.

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