Thursday, November 29, 2007

FINALLY in our new house... Oh and what an ordeal it was.

Ok so it all starts our with some shady Chinese food we ate on Monday... We woke up with food poisoning on Tuesday... And when I say "we" I mean not only Me and Mike but ALSO poor Makayla. So on top of all the stress we have to go through of moving EVERYTHING into our new house on Tuesday we get to deal with being sick as dogs. So we had scheduled to pick up our keys, have our furniture/boxes, and direct TV installed all on the same day... I think was was mistake #1 cuz we couldn't pick up the keys till 9am and the firnature got here about 8:15... I don't know if that irritated the packers or what... But they seriously just didn't give a crap about anything. I mean we've never done a PCS move before, and I don't know exactly how it's supposed to go... But literally every person I had talked to that had been through one said that we would have a check list with corasponding numbers that have been taped on our boxes so we can check off everything as it's going in the house. Well we didn't have that... I mean I stood here tellin the guys where to put what and I mean they flat out idnored me. I mean I expected a few boxes to be out of place... But I mean, if they decided that a box was too heavy to carry upstairs they'd just leave it down stairs for us to deal with. THEN the thing that really irritated me, they took things apart that should have NEVER been disassembled. I mean like our living room furniture, dining room table and freakin a 40+ year old bamboo [computer] desk NONE of which should have ever been disassimbled. I mean ALL of it was in one piece when we bought it... In the 23 years I've had that bamboo firnature it had NEVER been taken apart... But apparently the movers took it upon themselves to dissemble it. But the thing that makes me real mad was we were NOT told they would be doing this. They put that stuff in the truck WHOLE... I watched them put it in the truck and it was all in once piece. Somewhere between the truck and the storage unit and the storage unit and here, someone took it upon themselves to just dissemble it for WHATEVER reason. THEN when Mike tells the guys that they need to put all the stuff that was taken apart back together, they want to argue with him and clame that it's not their job. So Mike got them to put the diningroom table and the livingroom furnature back together but we've got the do the rest. OH and we had been told by the company AND signed a piece of paper saying that we wanted our boxes "unpacked" and the packing supplies removed. So when the guys had empied the truck and started to leave, Mike asked them if they were going to be unpacking the boxes and they once again said no, that it wasn't their job. Mike informed them that we had indicated on the paper that we wished for them to unpack atleast some of the boxes and remove the packing supplies and they TRIED to explain that the little box on our Packing Sheet that said "Do you wish to wave the unpacking and removal of debre" meant that we'd be waving them unpacking everything from THE TRUCK! Heh, really, now does that even make any since? So whatever, they didn't unpack a thing or remove any of the empty boxes... We've just got a huge pile of paper and crap in the garage that we have no idea what to do with.

Oh and on top of all that... Of course things got broken... Most I don't care about... I had a cake platter that was smashed to pieces, a spoon holder that had been broken in half, 2 lamps that were broke, missing pieces to our living room end tables, a dresser got it's knobs broken off... But the thing that I can NOT get over... The thing that makes me the MOST mad... I had a terracotta pot Marine that I had made... Those in Yuma, I'm sure remember it, it sat right next to my front door for the 2 years I lived on base. Well I was talking to Mike about taking it in the car and finding room for it when one of the movers over heard me. I told him I was REALLY afraid it was gunna get broken and he stood there and swore up and down that he would make sure it got bubble wrapped and taken care of and that they would be REALLY careful. Well we get it... It HAD NOT been bubble wrapped, it HAD NOT even been placed in a box... In fact, they purposely chiseled it apart to stack the terracotta pots in each other AND THEN just lightly wrapped it in brown paper and tossed it in the truck. So of course, it's freakin broken... And you wanna know how much freakin TMO's gunna pay me? Nuthin more then a couple bucks for the stupid pots and MAYBE the cost of the paint (So probably about $10) I am soooo incredibly irritated at the moving company right now. I'll be calling down there here in the next couple days, once we figure out exactly what's broken or "missing" and file a formal complaint.

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