Saturday, November 3, 2007

PCSing - The Big Day (part 1)

Have your own inventory of all your items, and list the serial numbers for those things that have them. Take pictures of all of your belongings. If it's electronic, show that it works... Take a video of your washer and dryer working to prove it IS infact in working condition since they won't check that when they come to pack. If you have to file a claim and you have a picture, you are much more likely to get replacement value instead of depreciation value. For items that are high value but you would not have receipts for (such as wedding china), you may also submit a letter from a third party (such as a friend or relative) certifying that these items were in your possession and they saw them in your house. The reason for this is because boxes will not be labeled “12 place settings of Noritake china, Gold Ring Pattern with 5 piece serving set”. They are more likely to be labeled “China”.

The packers will note the condition of items on their inventory; for instance, if the couch is worn, or a dresser is scratched. I honest to God think it is just standard to list "scratched, soiled, dinted" on all sides... Seriously, check the invintory list, they don't just list it as ""scratched" they list a code next to it... Probably to confuse you. Really, it would be in your best interest to go through and question every code before you sign that paper and have them correct it. If you have problems with this, or concerns about how the packers are noting the condition of many of your household items, call the Traffic Management Office and ask them to send an inspector out. This is probably the #1 problem servicemembers have with packers.

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