Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More housing issues...

Ok so this whole housing thing is gettin soooooo irritating!!! So just to recap... We originally thought we would be moving to VA without a house... So I had all my mail forwarded from our Yuma house to to a friend's house who lived the next building over. Then a couple days before we moved, we were offered a house in VA and given the address so I THEN had my mail forwarded from my friends house to our VA address... Well I guess that confused the postal lady cuz she continued to deliver all our mail to my friends house but told her she couldn't deliver anything with my maiden name on it so God only knows where any of that mail ended up. Well after movin into the mold covered house and deaming it unlivable they placed us in a hotel room for a night, then moved us to a temporary house where we're currently staying. Since it's fully furnished, we had to have ALL our boxes and furnature and stuff put in government storage till we got a permanent place to live. So THEN the housing office called us a few days ago and told us that they had found a NEW house for us and gave us the address and everything. So we spent all yesterday changing our address YET AGAIN with the post office, changing our order to have our phone, TV and internet all hooked up and changed the address on our bank accounts and credit cards AND setting up an apt to have both our boxes and furniture removed from gov storage AND have some new La-Z-Boy furniture delivered... THEN this after noon as we're drivin to Cleveland I get a call from some chick in the housing office saying that there's been a mistake and she accidentally gave us the wrong address... So ontop of having to refill-out and resign the lease we now have to change our address (among changing our address with all our other services) for the freakin 5th time in 3 weeks!!! Well I guess the house we NOW have , has got pretty much the same floor plan as the one they told us we were gettin a couple days ago but instead of a triplex, it's a duplex. Oh, and SOMEWHERE there's a couple hundred extra sq feet... I really don't know what we're gunna do with all this extra room... I mean the house we had in Yuma had 1200 some off sq ft... This house has 2062! I'm just super happy that we're gettin a 2 car garage cuz the original house we had when we got here DIDN'T even have assigned or covered parking and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a spot even remotely close to our house. But I'm totally stoked about this whole double garage thing. Well so far, we're still set to move in on the 27th... And if we can keep our same apt dates that we JUST made with the moving company they should be delivering all our stuff and Direct TV should be hookin up our TV the same day we get our keys, and then La-Z-Boy should be commin the following day, AND I think Mike said the phone and internet guys were commin on the 30th to hook that stuff up... Oh man, I just can't wait to have all my crap back... And to finally have the internet hooked up and crap so I can go on it whenever I want and no longer have to steel random people's wireless internet... Anyway, if you're interested, below is a floor plan and sketch of our house... We won't be able to go see it in person till we get back to VA on Sunday/Monday.

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