Saturday, November 10, 2007

PCSing - So you made it to your duty station!

You will be given the telephone number of the transportation office (TMO) at your new duty station. Your Marine should contact the office as soon as possible, and provide them with a phone number where the member or designated representative may be reached.

Arrange for phone, gas, and electricity to be connected.

Check the pilot lights on the stove, water heater, incinerator and furnace.

If you are moving to a new state, register your car and get a new driver's license as soon as possible.

Register your children in school.

You will need to visit the DEERS/TriCare office to resister at your local medical center, or depending on new duty station, possibly change TriCare reagons.

Before the moving van arrives, clean the hard-to-reach places in your new residence.

When the movers arrive, check their inventory against the one you made prior to departure -- they should match.

Know in advance where to place each piece of furniture. The mover is required to place each piece only one time.
At time of delivery, you are entitled to the reassembly of all items that were disassembled by the carrier.

In addition, you are entitled to have everything unpacked, with packing materials removed from the residence, unless you specifically waive this service.

If you discover that you are missing some items or items have been damaged in transit, you must list these items on your DD Form 1840. You should ensure that three legible copies of this form are received. This is not a claim, only a record of loss or damage. Any additional loss or damage discovered after the carrier has completed delivery should be noted on the reverse side of DD Form 1840, which is DD Form 1840R.

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