Sunday, November 4, 2007

PCSing - The Big DAy (part 2)

The movers must seal everything in crates before they leave your house. Do not let them take un-crated boxes and tell you they will crate them at the warehouse! You should witness them seal the crates, and the seal numbers go on the paperwork.

Trust me, I learned this the hard way. On our last PCS move the movers told us they were just stacking everything in the truck since they weren't being put into storage they wouldn't need to be crated. Well as everyone should know, "things come up" and we ended up not having a house as soon as we should have at our new duty station and out household goods ended up needing to be stored for a month. Well let me tell you it was a HUGE shock when I received my furniture in PIECES!!! And not because they broke them accidentally... But because they took it upon themselves to TAKE THEM APART! And I'm not talkin $50 Wal-Mart furniture... My pooooooor Antique Hawaiian bamboo desk, my dining room taable and livingroom coffee and end tables that I didn't even know came apart!

Just trust me here, it's a lot easer to just make sure they crate them.

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