Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Arlington National Cemetery

Leave it to us. We print off directions from MapQuest from our hotel to Arlington. Like always they were sooo off. They take us to some random Army base. Some how we just get through the gate, I mean they checked our ID and stuff, but there was no signs that said it was Ft. Myre or anything... We drove around confused for like 15 minutes wondering why we weren't seeing any graves... Just the PX, housing, commissary and what not. When we finally figured out we were on a military base we started lookin for the cemetery... When we finally found it... We couldn't get through the gate... We thought about sneaking in... 45 minutes later, we found a VIP gate (only supposed to be open for those attending burials) but the guard pitted the fact we just drove around for a hour and let us walk in.

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