Monday, June 16, 2008

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips for Military Wives
  1. Create a financial budget to help you save
  2. See what free military financial services are offered at your installation.
  3. Do not use credit cards.
  4. Stop purchasing frivolous, impulse items.
  5. Don't buy anything just because it is on sale.
  6. Occasionally buy generic or non-name brand merchandise.
  7. Don't eat out as much as you'd like to.
  8. Do more activities at home (you wont be out spending!)
  9. Invest the money you save so that it earns money too.
  10. Stay busy - you have less time to spend money.
  11. Stop smoking.
  12. Don't try to compete with your friends and neighbors.
  13. Shop for clothes at thrift shops (especially for kids).
  14. Pay bills online. Its safe and I save $50 a year on stamps.
  15. Learn to refinish furniture or decorate with paint
  16. Buy a bread maker and make your own bread. Healthier & cheaper than $2.00 a loaf!
  17. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Read them at the library instead.
  18. Check out library books instead of buying them.
  19. If you wash your hair every day you don't need to lather twice. Saves shampoo!
  20. Buy only clothing not requiring dry cleaning.
  21. Get 3-6 quotes anytime shopping for item over $100.
  22. Shop tax-free at your local Exchange and don’t forget that they price match!
  23. Stay stylish by buying basic solid tees and skirts & then adding trendy accessories.
  24. Recycle plastic bags you receive at the grocery store for trash.
  25. Buy fruits and vegetables in season. They are less expensive and taste better.
  26. Shop your local commissary – you could save over hundreds a year!

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