Friday, June 6, 2008

Thrift shop find of the week...

Little things like this make me really really excited. I'm real into "depression glass" from the 20's/30's... Well this was a real find for me... Usually you see a lot of the pea green and amber stuff... Which, don't get me wrong, it's worth something... But I'm into the more rare pink and aqua stuff. Finding what they call "aquamarine" if very rare especially a piece that's in PERFECT condition like this. Second, the most cowmen pattern that you find in aquamarine is a kinda swirl pattern... I've NEVER seen a piece with this pattern and color before. After buying it for $3.50 from a thrift shop down the street... I searched and searched to find information on the internet about this piece. I had no luck. I finally emailed a dealer these pics and was told, there's be no way to tell the value for sure unless someone looked at it in person, but he'd venture to guess that I may be able to get around $200 for this piece if it's in as good of condition as I say. Are you kidding me? $3.50 into $300!!! Dang! That just made my month!

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