Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More TMO troubles...

Ok... So we've been in this house for 6 months now... And we're STILL trying to get our claim money from all our damaged stuff from the move!

So 2 months ago the moving company (well the adjuster company working on behalf of the movers) tried throwing a $1227.98 settlement at us. I wasn't happy cuz they conveniently didn't list our $25 tea kettle and then they tried claiming that the damaged caused to our $35 lamp shade wasn't caused by the moving company.

PLUS then we had issues cuz we were asking $250 for a BRAND NEW (used twice) printer/scanner/fax and they were bitching cuz they thought it could be fixed for cheaper. They were offering us $100, we finally settled on that... But then when they sent over the final paperwork they had lowered it to a $50 settlement on the printer (that was completely not acceptable).

So FINALLY they get back to Mike last week, they say that they lost all the pictures that the adjuster came and took of the lampshade and tea kettle... Which sucks, cuz after 6 months of storing broken crap, I had gone and thrown half of it out (including the tea kettle) so they're not wanting to give us the $25 from that cuz I no longer have it. UGH.

THEN they say they're stickin by their $50 settlement on the printer and if we wanted more we'd have to go out and get a quote from a repair company... Well let me tell you, they would have been a lot better off settling for our $100 asking price. Because that printer is last years model and the parts have been discontinued... It's actually cheaper to replace the printer (which they've told us over and over that they WILL not do, they will only pay to repair it) well that's fine... The cost to repair it was quoted as $274.34 by Epson.

We sent over the dispute paperwork, including the printer quote and a few pics of my broken lamp shade on Friday. Mike called today and was told they will have a response by the end of the week. Ugh! I am just soooooo sick of this. Seriously, anyone who is ever assigned "Covan" as a moving company, ask TMO for a different company (yes you can do that)... This company and the other companies they contract out to are so shady, it's not even funny.

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