Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Craft, Day 6: Paper Mache

I love love love this SIMPLE Paper Mache tutorial from I not only plan on making a bowl, but I plan on Paper Mache-ing a few small balloons, making eggs out of them to put int he bowl!

Paper Mache Ingredients for Easy Projects

1 newspaper,
1-2 cups of flour
1 cups of water

Also handy:
extra newspaper to protect
bowl with clean water

Easy Paper Mache Recipe Steps

  1. cut up your newspaper in long strips of even width
  2. put the flour in a metal bowl. Add the water while stirring till it becomes a paste
  3. slide the strips through the water and layer the wet strips over each other to create the desired shapes.
  4. to make a bowl, cover your favorite shaped kitchen bowl with gladwrap and use it as a mold.
  5. layer the wet strips over each other to create the desired shape.
  6. work in a circular motion
  7. when done, let the bowl dry in a warm dry location
  8. when dry, cut the top with a sharp knife into a smooth rim
  9. you may want to add a layer of paper covering the rim for a neat edge.
  10. let it dry again.

Enjoy the beautiful bowl you’ve created. Now you,re ready to sand your bowl and paint it with acrylics or gouache paint.

Tips for Successful Paper Mache Projects

  1. Start early, a lot earlier than you need the end result to be completed. If you start today, you can have several made, dried, sanded, painted and varnished even in time for Easter or Mother’s day gift giving.
  2. Have 1 extra newspaper to cover work area.
  3. Have some extra supplies: A j-cloth to soak up excess moisture on your bowl, and/or to handle an accident with the water bowl.
  4. I like having a little bowl of water to unmess my hands, but if you have a sink nearby, this is not necessary.

Materials for Painting

brush for gesso
smooth sand paper
earthen-brown-toned paint
gold paint
old cloth to rub it on

paper mache bowl

Painting Your Paper Mache Bowl

    Steps to create the effects of the bowl in the picture here:
  1. Add two coats of gesso
  2. Let it dry in between
  3. Then I sanded it down, showing bits of grey from the newspaper below.
  4. Then, use a tiny tat of yellow ocher and rubbed it on with a cloth.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Last, brush on some gold paint for sophistication.

Voila. A very simply made, but interesting bowl for the coffee table.